New Orleans

I will be out of New York City, and in New Orleans for the next week doing my best to survive all the debaucheries life has to offer. With that said, you won’t see much in way of posting ’til next week. I’ll leave everyone with this.

On a more somber note, my hometown, Nashville, is underwater from record setting flood levels. Please help out if you are in the area and if it’s your thing…pray for those affected.

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3 Responses to New Orleans

  1. Memphis88 says:

    Have fun in New Orleans. I’ll be down there in about a month for a weekend and I can’t wait. The Nashville flooding is horrible. We had a shit ton of rain and some areas around here were flooded pretty badly, but Memphis proper didn’t get hit anywhere near as bad by flooding as Nashville has. I’ve been surprised and disappointed by the lack of media attention that the situation has received. Nashville has a long road ahead, that’s for sure.

  2. Petit Beignet says:

    Some of my friends are saying the whole of NO smells like an oil slick right now….

    Eat as many shrimps and oysters as you can, they’re not going to be around for the rest of the summer it looks like.


  3. wb says:

    back in the 80’s the smell in the streets was not as sweet the day after fat tuesday.

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