Crossing The Equator

I loved this story too much not to share, head over to Riveted for a lesson on the time honored Naval practice of crossing the equator and the fun that accompanies it . Quite a find.

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3 Responses to Crossing The Equator

  1. Mike says:

    I appreciate the post. We’ve got our grandfather’s certificate from the late 30’s. My grandmother swears the skin cancer that finally got him was from shaving his head every time they crossed the equator, of which he patrolled for many of his years aboard ship.

  2. Soda Pop says:

    My grandfather crossed it when he was in the Navy. His stories about it were great. This post actually encouraged me to go see him next week and interview him about his time in the service during the Korean War. Of course I will ask him to talk about crossing the equator.

  3. thx for the plug glad that my story encouraged people to visit their elders and ask about their days in the service on that veteran’s day week end .cheers

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