SHINDIG – The People

Arriving in Florence, AL wasn’t too far off from me as some others. Being from Nashville, Florence is right south past the Tennessee/Alabama border on I-65. Even with being from the South, I was firmly reintroduced to hospitality, wit, and charm once again. Living in New York will make you forget these things.

Sitting on Billy’s sofa enjoying shrimp, fried okra, and etouffee I met the prize of the bunch in Mr. Audwin McGee. Having read this blog before and writing his own treasure trove at Sons Of Savages, we conversed over good drink and food among friends. Only meeting Audwin briefly, I found out later of his art, safari’s, and other life pursuits. Head to Sons of Savages for a breath of fresh air. It was a pleasure friend, and I hope to see you sooner than later.

Adventurers great and small welcome, a place to ‘legitimatize the urge’ and sustain the freedom.

Audwin wasn’t the only one we all had the pleasure to meet, share a smoke or jar with. Below are a couple of others I had just recently met or had a new found connection with.

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One Response to SHINDIG – The People

  1. audwin mcgee says:

    You sir are no average gent! thanks so much for your very kind words, It was a pleasure and you are always welcome! Come back anytime, hope that’s sooner than later as well. Continued success, the south needs you back someday!

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