SHINDIG – The Music

Shindig is largely all about the music. Each night is capped off with a performance of some kind. Normally, we always try and do some sort of live music because that’s just what we dig, no pun intended. The night started off with Doc Dailey from across the river at Muscle Shoals, AL. If you’re not familiar, they’re hard to pin point but I personally get a Neil Young meets a string band kinda feel.

Coming on after Doc Dailey was Wrinkle Neck Mules based out of Richmond, VA. Great live music for a party I must say. One treat of the night was Billy jumping on guitar with them to knock out a couple of songs, one being a great Gillian Welch cover.

The last night had The Civil Wars, based out of Florence, AL and Nashville, TN. A bit more relaxed than the previous bands, but comprised of some of the best songwriting and performing I’ve personally witnessed. Playing an array of their own songs as well as covers; they nailed every song. The performance was recorded, and should be released some time soon.

Doc Dailey

Wrinkle Neck Mules

The Civil Wars

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