Tuthilltown Spirits

This is a nice video on the operations at Tuthilltown Spirits based out of New York. It’s nice to see something start so meager and grow to be a world-wide phenomenon. As a firm believer in Kentucky Straight Bourbon, these guys do a great whiskey.

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2 Responses to Tuthilltown Spirits

  1. I made the trip up to Tuthilltown and spent a lovely afternoon being shown around the distillery. The highlight of the trip was of course tasting Corn Whiskey in their barn.
    Thanks to Luz Reid, this was all possible!

  2. Jason says:

    I just made the trip up this past weekend to the Tuthiltown distillery and had a blast. I was shocked at how small the operation is. Sadly, that’s sure to change very quickly b/c the owner’s of Stoli/Glenlivet just purchased a large stake in the company to finance their global distribution. Supposedly the hudson boys are gonna keep “creative control”, but for those who have seen the distillery in person, keep a good picture in your mind b/c they’re soon to renovate the barn to allow additional stills. Crazy stuff.

    Get out there while you can, grab a bottle of the New York Wheat Whiskey and Baby Bourbon (the corn whiskey/white dog is just stupid hype), sit out by the park bench w/ some cigars and enjoy it!

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