SHINDIG – Ye Ole General Store

Since 1947, Ye Ole General Store has been a fully operating dry goods store in Florence, AL. I doubt much has changed in the shop from the late 40’s to present day. Browsing through the selection, you will definitely notice racks, signs, boxes, posters, cut outs, garments, and grade A conversation that carried over from decades ago. I unfortunately only had about 20 minutes to browse when I stopped in, knowing I was leaving so much to be unturned. Tell Gordon I said ‘Hello’, and pick up some goods because there’s not many of these tried and true outposts any more. To add to my coverage of SHINDIG, Play this Mac Wiseman tune, had this in my head all the while in Alabama.

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One Response to SHINDIG – Ye Ole General Store

  1. Gordon O. Glasscock says:

    Shindig was quite a weekend! Thanks for coming by the store; maybe you can spend more time next year. Very good blogs!
    Thanks, Gordon

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