Driving Tunes – Cosmic Summer

I tell you, driving in New York City on a cool summer evening with a good song playing is hard pressed to be beaten by much of anything. This realization came to me as I drove a car for the first time in 6 months. Maybe I’m getting far too philosophical for a piece of music playing while you’re driving a piece of machinery, but whether it be a car, motorcycle, busted old truck, or hell…even a boat (I’m on a boat…), it’s a feeling that is synonymous with the changing seasons. Feel free to post what you’re playing this summer, I’m always up for a nod in the right direction.

Here’s a few others, newer and older, that should be on your summer playlist,

The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon

KAK – Trilogy Pt. 1

Creme Soda – Keep It Heavy

Slowdive featuring Brian Eno – AB (outtake demo)
Karen Elson – The Ghost Who Walks

The Animated Egg – Sock It My Way

Beck – Que Onda Guero

CCR – Born On The Bayou

Rodger Collins – Foxy Girl In Oakland
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5 Responses to Driving Tunes – Cosmic Summer

  1. Razvan says:

    gr8 stuff man ! you should do more music recommendations !

  2. David Lawrence says:

    Check out Dengue Fever – most folks know them from their spot on the Broken Flowers Soundtrack, but I think this track is a great driving tune.

  3. laughtrack says:

    no need to rush, you have all summer.

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