Style And The Man by Alan Flusser

Alan Flusser, who released the pivotal book, Dressing The Man in 2002, has recently come out with an abridged version of his 1996 work, Style And The Man. Besides dressing Michael Douglas in Wallstreet, Pacino in Scent of A Woman, and Bale in American Psycho he has spent a great deal of time and energy sharing Old World shirting, suiting, and style techniques.

With all Alan’s history aside, this abridged copy of the original Style And The Man will give even the highest connoisseur of men’s style a major wake up call. Everything from the difference in quality to price in suiting and shirting to style techniques that are very much unknown to today’s gentleman. I’ve considered even myself to know most in’s and out’s of menswear through my own pursuits and doing Made To Measure shirting and suiting for other gentleman, but the knowledge is vast and there’s always room to learn. I suggest anyone who considers themselves to be of a higher degree of style and dare I say garmentology pick this book up.

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2 Responses to Style And The Man by Alan Flusser

  1. jfox/10e says:

    reading this as well… (thank you HarperCollins) and have to say -beyond enlightening. i love how most of it is backed up w/ historical anecdotes. lots of great little nuggets (get cufflinks w/ 2 faces… dont leave the inside of your cufff “undressed”), the great socks color debate… and so much more. the writing is pithy as hell. fantastic. for $15, a huge recommend.

  2. bow-tie 101. Any time someone needs to learn how to tie a bow tie that is NOT PERFECT in any way, contact me at the magazine. I work for Bourbon.

    pretty good deal I’d say.

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