Smoky Mtn Bound

During this year’s Christmas the lady and I will be accompanying the rest of the clan in the East Tennessee Smoky Mountains for a week of hiking, bourbon spiked egg nog, and relaxtion that has been long due. It’s been years since I’ve been to that area, so If anyone has any advice on trails, watering holes, must-see weird happenings, etc…please let me know.

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10 Responses to Smoky Mtn Bound

  1. Art says:

    I to am going to the Smokies in December. Should be cold. Let me know what people send you. Love the blog. Keep up the good work.


  2. Former Southerner says:

    Over on the NC side of the smokies: nice short, but steep, trail up to Black Balsam Knob off the Blue Ridge Parkway offers some excellent views. It’s not too far from Waynesville and a fair selection of local beers at Nick and Nate’s pizza along the old main street.

  3. Evan says:

    How far east are you getting? Just steer clear of pigeon forge/gatlinburg area unless you’re trying to take in the armpit tourist area of a great stretch of Tennessee. Love from Johnson City.


  4. Art says:

    I’m heading up to Bryson City. Any recommendations or warnings of the area?

  5. Zachary says:

    If you have time for a scenic drive across the NC border, be sure to stop in Asheville for lunch and a little shopping. I recommend Tupelo Honey for lunch.

  6. M.Lane says:

    I would love to go there too. I miss the Smokies and the Blue Ridge in the Autumn and winter an awful lot. If you get to Bristol, TN, one of my all time favorite restaurants is there, Troutdale. It is a really great place. In Johnson City I love The Peerless restaurant and lounge. Ask for Misty.

    I still read your blog all the time. Sorry for the lack of comments!


  7. KM says:

    Make sure you read (or re-read) Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree before you go or while you are there.

  8. drinkinanddronin says:

    thanks for all of your input. it has all been noted.

    special thanks to KM for the McCarthy nod, I will read it on the plane ready for tumbles on the Tennessee river.

  9. joe says:

    Abrams Creek is a good hike. It’s been awhile, but as far as I can remember it’s not far from Cades Cove. Definitely find time for Asheville and hit Jack of the Wood for beers.

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