Dickies x The Hideout Side-Adjusted Khaki Trousers

I’ve worn a lot of Dickies in my short life. It’s always been my favorite go-to khaki, and while I’ve owned many and still do…It’s never let me down. With that said, I love the traditional cut but it is nice to see a more tapered leg in the collaboration with The Hideout, making them much easier to wear with a slimmer shoe such as a wingtip for instance. Another feature which I am loving are the side adjustors, as many Dickies enthusiasts will attest to is the adjustable waist band by removing stitching in the back. The side adjustors just seem like a no-nonsense, easy solution for adjusting the waist. These trousers have pushed their way to front of all my khaki’s and should remain for quite awhile.

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2 Responses to Dickies x The Hideout Side-Adjusted Khaki Trousers

  1. Fred says:

    Removing stitching in the back? Can you show how that’s done? Thanks!

  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    If it’s the traditional cut, the very back of the waist band….it should look as if it is doubled over. If you carefully cut some of the stitching binding it, it will release it. You can have a professional tailor let it out for you, or if you’re not particular you can do it yourself. You can cut the seam stitch to adjust it anywhere from a 1/4 ” all the way to a full inch I believe

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