Captured Flags

Captured Flag photographs as well as Wartime Nose Art are some of my favorite of frontline photography. Here’s a couple of great Allied posed pictures from WW2, look at the joy and excitement!

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4 Responses to Captured Flags

  1. Ben says:

    Great post. A few months back I was doing a search for my Grandfather and came across a posting on a WW2 message board. A vets son was cleaning out the garage and found a captured Nazi flag with the signature’s of his unit on it – so he through up a post to see if any member’s of his father’s unit survived. After reading the post I sent him an email and he replied with an image of the flag. Sure enough, there was my grandfather’s signature – PFC Meyer Lipshitz- Brooklyn, NY. Apparently they captured it and one night in a barn somewhere in France they signed it and gave it to this guy, though he can’t seem to recall why. Seeing all those names brought up a lot of history, even 50+ years later.

  2. Bill says:

    Fantastic collection of photos.

  3. Kevin says:

    We’ve got one of those real long nazi flags that my grandfather brought back. Also a german lugar and some ss pins, and a dagger that are somewhere. From what I understand he got in late and just drank calvados and road around on a motorcycle raising hell.

    The best though is the picture he has of himself at nurinberg where hitler gave his speeches posing using his comb as a mustache. He keeps that pic in his pocketbook to this day, even in the assisted living. Crazy old facker.

  4. BC says:

    A nice post, and very appropriate, due to the death of Richard “Dick” Winters, the commander of Easy Company 101st airborne division that inspired “Band of Brothers”.
    By the way, Great site you have here.

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