We all wait for the next thing to happen. It’s happening all over the world only some places they supply prophylactics, and some places they talk business. We haven’t got a leg to stand on. – Kerouac

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  1. He claims to solve many legendary quests and have many rares to prove it . if you talk to a NPC take your time and listen what he she has to tell you and talk with them about anything you wouldnt believe me on what wierd and irrelevant words they respond in an important way. .Point is it is hard to find enought time to interview every single NPC in Tibia and to find this weird and irrelevant word . When we join our forces well have far greater chance to find something interesting..Thats why i think this article doesnt suit to neither nor howeve they might be added in something like See also .I am not certain that both sealed doors from White Raven are not related to any quest I just couldnt find any..About respawn this is exactly what I fought at first this hill might be for. But then I saw a POC on Tibianews where they announce that this is something new something added in last update.

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