Mcnairy for WWM

I’m trying to stay away from commenting on the latest menswear shows everytime around this year as everyone seems to be covering every corner, but some are too good to pass up….

Mark Mcnairy unveiled the new direction for Woolrich Woolen Mills. Quite a departure from Daizi’s sporting direction. A concise first collection focusing this time on Collegiate and Military influences which is right up Mcnairy’s alley. Looking forward to the sweats myself….Thoughts?

Head to Issac Likes for show pictures.

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2 Responses to Mcnairy for WWM

  1. Nico says:

    I’m honestly not as impressed as the rest of the blogosphere is. I understand that McNairy is trying to differentiate his take from Daiki’s, but the line fails to strike a chord with me. There aren’t any pieces that stand out to me from the lookbook shots, but I suppose once I see the individual pieces by themselves I can better judge. For now it seems like a more refined, unbranded Rugby RL.

  2. SL says:

    I appreciate the tact the previous comment extends. I, however, think a blunter response might be useful… maybe “looks like shit” or “aesthetically corrupt.”

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