McNairy for S-Double

It’s been slow around here due to NY Fashion week, but honestly…nothing too groundbreaking this show season. Everyone’s pretty much going the same route…black (which is good and bad, depending).

With that said, Mark McNairy who has been everywhere lately recently helped out Shawn Stussy with his side label, S-Double. It’s a much cleaner, forward look than Stussy’s normal range in which they added oxfords, brogues, chukkas, and bucks. There are some nice affordable options to those of New Amsterdam’s picks as well, including a gorgeous black pebble grain longwing with eyelets that’s very appealing. Reminiscent of the line he did for Engineered Garments last Fall in brown.

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2 Responses to McNairy for S-Double

  1. Ye Ole General says:

    BLUE SUEDE …………..Yes

  2. SL says:

    yack yack yack yuck yuck yuck. I’ll hit up McNurry when I’m 80 and my arches have caved from bad genes and too many hard days labor

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